Friday, August 13, 2010

My first blog.

Hello, my name is Stacey Witt and I did it!  I have started a blog as a result of winning one of 7 places on Dr. Pat's 2010 Holistic Makeover team.  I never thought that I would start a blog, let alone post some of my points of view for all to read.  It is my dream to share some moments of grace with others, I have found that since I have opened up to the abundance, joy and grace of the universe, my life has taken on a vibrancy and color that I knew was possible but I didn't always know how I would get there.  Thank you for being part of this blogging journey.  May you find grace and joy on the pages of this blog and in all areas of your life!  Blessings, Stacey!

In my journey of finding grace, joy and abundance in life, I try to remind myself to acknowledge and give gratitude to all who have guided me to the place I am now.  So this entry is simple.  Thank you to all of my earthly guides, friends and teachers who have loved me and supported me.  Thank you to all of my guides in unseen realms who are constantly there even when I forget.  Today, for me, grace is in gratitude.  I am greatful.  Is there someone or something in your life you can be completely greatful for today?