Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are we having fun yet?

Being part of the 2010 Holistic Makeover is one of the most fun experiences I have participated in.  Although some of the process has brought up a bit of fear at times, the fear has quickly turned to complete gratitude and excitement.  I have recently realized that I am having the time of my life manifesting in a way that is so much fun.  For the last several years I have made it my personal goal to get clear and focus on how I want my life to be.  In the past, when I didn't realize that I was focusing on the exact things that I didn't want in my life, I was manifesting more of what I didn't want.  It is true, we create what we focus on.  The really fun part for me is what I am now calling, "the game of life."  My game involves playing with the universe, from finding the perfect parking place (nearly every single time) to following an instinct or my inner guidance, I make a game of life.  This brings forth an energy that is fun, joyful and very powerful.  The universe is ready to guide us to fulfilling our biggest dreams.  Are you having fun manifesting your dreams?

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  1. I am having a wonderful time with it also and as I'm very outspoken, I am sharing it with everybody. It is definitely one of my most great experiences and the beginning of much more awesome and accomplishing ones to come!