Saturday, August 28, 2010


"God, guide me in the grace and light of your strength.  Show me how to hold on to the essence of me.  Help me to know when I am sharing from a place of compassion, loving myself first so I am able to then love others."  Amen

Stacey Witt

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Vision and Mission statements

Vision Statement

I envision all people living their true purpose and sharing their full and complete light with all whom they love.

Mission Statement

It is my purpose to help guide people from darkness into their light by sharing my personal energetic gifts.

My training is in the modalities of Theta Healing ®, NLP coaching ®, Timeline Therapy ®, Hypnotherapy and Alchemical Healing ®.

Thank you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are we having fun yet?

Being part of the 2010 Holistic Makeover is one of the most fun experiences I have participated in.  Although some of the process has brought up a bit of fear at times, the fear has quickly turned to complete gratitude and excitement.  I have recently realized that I am having the time of my life manifesting in a way that is so much fun.  For the last several years I have made it my personal goal to get clear and focus on how I want my life to be.  In the past, when I didn't realize that I was focusing on the exact things that I didn't want in my life, I was manifesting more of what I didn't want.  It is true, we create what we focus on.  The really fun part for me is what I am now calling, "the game of life."  My game involves playing with the universe, from finding the perfect parking place (nearly every single time) to following an instinct or my inner guidance, I make a game of life.  This brings forth an energy that is fun, joyful and very powerful.  The universe is ready to guide us to fulfilling our biggest dreams.  Are you having fun manifesting your dreams?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Breath of Life

Are you connected with the breath of life?  Do you sometimes feel out of touch with what is happening around you?  For me, if I forget to take time to quiet my mind and breathe, I start to feel ungrounded and unsure of myself.  One of my favorite ways to connect with my higher self and the abundance and guidance of the universe is to go outside and breathe.  When I do this, I don't even have to focus on my breath so to speak.  Simply being outside helps me to focus on the beauty all around me.  In this beauty is a grace and guidance that is always there.  My breath takes on a rhythm that is easy, comfortable and open.  If I am really quiet, I can feel the heartbeat of the universe, the synergy of all that is.  What is your favorite way of connecting with the breath of life?

Friday, August 13, 2010

My first blog.

Hello, my name is Stacey Witt and I did it!  I have started a blog as a result of winning one of 7 places on Dr. Pat's 2010 Holistic Makeover team.  I never thought that I would start a blog, let alone post some of my points of view for all to read.  It is my dream to share some moments of grace with others, I have found that since I have opened up to the abundance, joy and grace of the universe, my life has taken on a vibrancy and color that I knew was possible but I didn't always know how I would get there.  Thank you for being part of this blogging journey.  May you find grace and joy on the pages of this blog and in all areas of your life!  Blessings, Stacey!

In my journey of finding grace, joy and abundance in life, I try to remind myself to acknowledge and give gratitude to all who have guided me to the place I am now.  So this entry is simple.  Thank you to all of my earthly guides, friends and teachers who have loved me and supported me.  Thank you to all of my guides in unseen realms who are constantly there even when I forget.  Today, for me, grace is in gratitude.  I am greatful.  Is there someone or something in your life you can be completely greatful for today?