Monday, November 29, 2010

The Power Of Thought

Today has proven to be a day of magic unfolding simply for the asking.  One of my favorite ways to recharge, rebalance and connect to a power greater than myself is to walk around Greenlake.  For me, this becomes an experience that is sacred.  The water, people, plants and animals connect me to the pulse of something great.  I love to ask for gifts from the universe while I walk and it is so much fun waiting to see what reveals itself to me on this walk.  The time I spent on my sacred walk today was heightened by the fact that my son could join me.  Often I see Eagle, Heron and many more special animals.  While we were walking this morning, we noticed how beautiful the lake was with the sun rising, peeking behind the clouds.  I showed my son where the  Eagle often roost.  We talked and walked.  Several minutes later, we spotted an Eagle soaring over the lake.  The majestic beauty of this animal was breath taking.  The bird was fishing, flying low and back up again.  Soon another Eagle joined the first and to our amazement, we watched for several minutes while these beautiful birds moved gracefully in the wind.  We could feel their power, grace and peace.  This was truly a lovely experience.  Many cultures rely on animals to be an ally on our journey and the Eagle represents higher consciousness, and carrying our prayers out into the universe.  Today, in this moment, my son and I both knew the depth of this gift.  And there is more...

We continued walking, talking and enjoying simply being with each other.  We have walked a walk in the past that has not always been easy.  We have learned much on this journey together.  We have been blessed with many gifts.  As we continued walking, we wondered if we would see the Blue Heron.  We often see the Heron at Greenlake.  I showed Blake where I usually look for the Heron.  He wasn't there today.  As we moved further into our day, getting things done, we were a bit sidetracked on one of the roads we intended to take.  Blake looked up into the sky and said, "mom, there is a really big bird up there."  I thought it looked like a Seagull.  The bird flew closer to us and to our complete amazement, we both realized at the same time that it was a Blue Heron.  It gets better, seconds later, a second one flew up.  They landed on a couple of houses and Blake and I could hardly believe that in the middle of the city, there were two more sacred birds.  We both knew that we saw these birds as a result simply from our asking to see them.  We asked and we received.  To me, the messages are deep, first, the spiritual path that we have both traveled has been seen and acknowledged.  Our prayers are being answered.  The work that we have done is paying off, our dreams are coming true.  Second, we both saw the incredible power of our thoughts unfolding right before our eyes today.  When we didn't see the Blue Heron at Greenlake, I sort of gave up on seeing them.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have even thought that I would see two of them in the city far away from their habitat.  The message that I received from this is that our thoughts are coming to fruition and once we put something out there, we never really know how or when they will manifest.  For this, I am greatful. 

Are you aware of what you are manifesting?  Are your thoughts and dreams ones that delight you?  My hope is that they are.  My hope is that we all learn to receive the abundance of the universe and to know how much we are supported. 

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