Thursday, November 11, 2010

Increasing My Vibration

The season of Fall is well upon us and I am feeling quiet, contemplative and somewhat serene.  This is a time where we prepare to be dormant.  It is a lovely time to let go of what is no longer serving us.  Old, outdated ways of being can be released so we can welcome the new.  In this quiet time, I am moving toward a higher vibration, I am being called to be more of me.  When I have gone through vibrational increases in the past, they have usually come to me after an extremely difficult time.  When I make it through the difficulty, I always notice a profound difference in my energetic gifts.  I often ask myself, "why am I increasing my vibration with such difficulty?"  I recently realized that I have been asking to receive "upgrades" or higher consciousness with ease in a graceful way.  This is happening for me now and it is so much fun noticing this quiet and profound change.  I have made manifesting what I want a game and in this quiet time, I am receiving what I asked for.  I am remembering that I often forget to engage my will and ask for what I desire.  I am knowing that this Universe is a free will Universe and I get to live my life from the perspective of my own knowing.  More of me is what I desire and this is exactly what I am getting.  This shows up for me in subtle ways, I am confident in my presence, and ability.  I am excited and fulfilled in my very own shoes and this is a joyful feeling that resonates through the core of me.  One of the gifts that I have received as being a recipient of Dr. Pat's Holistic Makeover is 90 days on Danielle Rama Hoffman's energy support system called The Harmonizer.  I am noticing that this support is helping to take me to the next level of being even more of me.  This is a sweet and quiet time.  I have noticed the beauty around me and I am reminded of the grace within this beauty.  The fall is a lovely time to increase our vibration by letting what does not serve us simply fall away.

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